CNC milling

In order to meet high requirements of our customers, we extended the scope of our services to CNC milling. For this purpose, we purchased vertical machining centre produced by Chiron 23, model FZ 18L, High Speed series.

This centre stands out with its high capacity, operating speed, precision and reliability. It offers huge supply of power for heavy cutting, thanks to its precision, it also allows making small details while maintaining high quality of the processed area. Thanks to the fourth axis, we can make many jobs without attaching the elements in a different way. Working area of this centre enables milling the elements of size of 400x400x2000 mm.

We make smaller details on machines from ......... series dedicated to big batches.

Thanks to these machines, we can offer you competitive prices for CNC milling. These centers are equipped with two tables and this makes the work more effective, and consequently, the reduction of production costs and prices of the services provided.