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Sheet metal bendingSheet metal bending is an innovative and highly effective method of metal processing, specialized by Pro Metal Form. Through the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced CNC press brakes, we are able to provide our customers with unparalleled quality, rapid execution, and precision in sheet metal bending. Our company is a respected industry leader, offering comprehensive sheet metal bending services that meet the highest quality standards.

Professional CNC Sheet Metal Bending

The sheet metal bending process undertaken by Pro Metal Form is based on advanced CNC technologies. This enables our press brakes to precisely perform bends while maintaining the unchanged transverse dimensions of the metal. Our machinery lineup includes PUMA XL model 220-30 and SERVOBRAKE 4015 press brakes, manufactured by the renowned DENER. This not only ensures excellent service quality but also expedited completion times.

Production Cycle - From Cutting to Finished Product

Our sheet metal bending process is just one link within a comprehensive production cycle. Prior to bending, we employ cutting-edge cutting technologies, such as laser cutters, to obtain elements with precise shapes. Subsequently, on specialized machinery - press brakes or edge benders - we carry out the bending process, giving the metal the desired shape. However, this is just the beginning. After bending, we proceed with smoothing and painting processes, culminating in the creation of exceptionally durable semi-finished metal products.

Stages of the Sheet Metal Bending Process

Our advanced sheet metal bending process comprises three key stages that ensure not only precision but also the durability of the products:

  1. Elastic Bending: In the initial stage, we utilize elastic bending, allowing for flexible adaptation of the sheet metal to the desired shape. This is a crucial step in preserving the material's integrity.
  2. Plastic Bending: The following stage involves plastic bending, where the sheet metal is bent in a manner that facilitates lasting shape changes. Our CNC machines precisely control this process, ensuring exceptional results.
  3. Coining: The final stage is coining, which enables precise finishing of the bend and gives it its ultimate form.

Customization of the Process

At Pro Metal Form, we recognize that each project may have unique requirements. Therefore, our sheet metal bending services are fully tailored to the customer's specifications. By choosing our company, you receive not only excellent quality and precision but also flexibility in creating projects of varying complexity.

Reproducibility and Accuracy - Our Key to Success

Reproducibility plays a significant role in the sheet metal bending process. Hence, we invest in modern CNC machines that deliver accuracy at the highest level. Our PUMA XL model 220-30 and SERVOBRAKE 4015 press brakes are equipped with advanced punch positioning and table deflection compensation systems, eliminating the need for unnecessary trials and reducing production time.

PUMA XL Model 220-30 Press Brake - Characteristics

The PUMA XL model 220-30 press brake is a high-quality sheet metal bending device by DENER. It is distinguished not only by exceptional efficiency but also innovative features that make it an ideal tool for metal processing professionals.

The technical characteristics of the PUMA XL model 220-30 are impressive. The device can bend sheets up to 30 mm thick and 2200 mm long. The operational speed of the press is 12 mm/s, enabling swift and efficient work. Furthermore, it's important to note that the PUMA XL model 220-30 is equipped with safety systems like photocells, which automatically halt the press if the operator's hands are detected in the work zone.

The advantages of the device are numerous and highly significant for those involved in metal processing. First and foremost, due to the application of modern technologies and materials, the PUMA XL model 220-30 press brake is exceptionally durable and resistant to damage. Moreover, through the use of high-quality components, such as hydraulic actuators and control electronics, the press operates with precision and reliability.

Another noteworthy aspect of the PUMA XL model 220-30 is its ease of use. The device features an intuitive control panel, facilitating swift and simple parameter adjustments for bending. Additionally, the press is easy to clean and maintain, translating into extended lifespan and reduced operational costs.

The application of the PUMA XL model 220-30 press brake for sheet metal bending is remarkably versatile. The device excels in processing metals of various thicknesses and hardness levels, making it an ideal tool for producing items of diverse complexity.

SERVOBRAKE 4015 Press Brake - Characteristics

The SERVOBRAKE 4015 press brake by DENER is a modern device gaining increasing popularity in the metal processing industry. This tool enables precise bending of sheet metal and profiles. In this article, we will delve into the technical characteristics of the SERVOBRAKE 4015 press brake, discuss its advantages, and explore its application in the sheet metal bending process.

Technical Characteristics

The SERVOBRAKE 4015 is an electrically-driven press brake that allows for precise and rapid sheet metal bending. The device features an integrated control unit for programming and monitoring the bending process. The DENER SERVOBRAKE 4015 press brake boasts the following technical parameters:

Advantages of the Device

The DENER SERVOBRAKE 4015 press brake offers numerous advantages that contribute to the quality of work and customer satisfaction. Some of the key benefits include:

Process Simulation - Savings Without Compromising Quality

At Pro Metal Form, we prioritize the efficiency and savings of our customers. Hence, we offer the option of simulating the bending process. This enables us to optimize the process, lower production costs, and simultaneously maintain the highest product quality. Our simulation allows us to precisely predict outcomes and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Competitive Prices and Swift Delivery Times

At Pro Metal Form, we understand that, apart from quality, price and delivery time are critical factors. Consequently, we strive to provide our customers with competitive prices and rapid production times. Our efficiency, based on modern technologies, enables us to strike an excellent balance between quality and costs.

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