Panasonic TAWERS TM 1800 WG3 welding robot configured with six metre long runway and two independent Panadice 500 positioners enables us to perform the process of welding both in a constant way even at the distance of 8 metres and in an independent way on two working areas of 1200x3000 mm.

In order to make the process of welding of smaller sizes more effective we use the maximum capability of the welding robot, and this is why the stations were divided into two independent areas.

The unique TAWERS ACTIVE WIRE system used in our station enables us to tackle the problems connected with welding of ultra-thin materials made of alloy and non-alloy steel, as well as to welding of the details where the use of high heat input is not recommended.

The system faces the problems arising in the industry where high speed of welding and the aesthetics of the joints are required, as well as when there is the risk of burnout of the material.

The uniqueness of our robotised welding station is not only the TAWERS ACTIVE WIRE system, but also:

Thanks to all those solutions (among others) in our welding robot, we stand out from among other companies providing welding services.