Laser beam cutting

laser cuttingWelcome to laser cutting section on our website. We would like to offer to you cutting services carried out by means of Trumpf laser cutting machine with Fiber source and TruDisk laser power of 6 kW. It is a very modern and fast cutting machine equipped with innovative systems and technologies of cutting metal sheets with dimensions of 3000 x 1500 mm. The machine owned by us is characterized by a disk laser which produces waves with a length of 1.03 µm. It is 10 times less than CO2 lasers, thanks to which the energy is absorbed better by the material. It also has an influence on faster steel cutting, maintaining the quality and dimensions of processed details within the range of thickness from 0.2 to 25 mm, and even 50000 mm/min in case of a high speed laser, which results in the lower price of cutting services.

A novelty is processing of steel, which may have various surfaces ranging from matte ones to the ones with a mirror finish.

Laser Fiber uses nitrogen for cutting, thanks to which we might obtain details with a surface free of oxides and proceed to the subsequent part of the production process such as welding or coating of an element without additional processing activities, i.e. sand blasting or edge grinding.

Another thing worth mentioning are BrightLine technologies of cutting with oxygen and nitrogen, which allow for cutting really small holes in thick steel and obtaining better quality of edges. Achieved quality matches even CO2 lasers with a higher power.

New nozzle construction used in highspeed or BrightLine cutting consumes less gas necessary for cutting despite higher speeds. Pirceline system of faster reforging of the material makes the time of processing a sheet shorter and, combined with the abovementioned TruDisk with a smaller energy demand which is even 60% less in comparison with CO2 lasers, makes our cutting machine very competitive.

Our highly specialized programming and technology team optimizes programs using latest software solutions available on the market, i.e. TwinLine or FlyCut, to reduce the cost of production of cut element thanks to which, combined with many years of experience of our operators, we are able to offer the highest quality of proposed services, short time of its performance and the lowest laser cutting prices on the market.

We invite clients from Poland as well as abroad to initiate cooperation with Pro Metal Form Sp. Jawna.