Laser cutting of tubes, sections and special purpose shapes

Laser cutting of tubes2D and 3D laser cutting of tubes, sections and special purpose shapes is a service indispensable for a modern metal working plant. Cutting of tubes and sections constitutes a natural complement to other services offered by us - viz. plate laser cutting, robotized welding and plate bending. 2D and 3D cutting supplements the offer of our Company as a manufacturer of metal parts.

Laser cutting of tubes, sections and special purpose shapes is performed in our plant by means of a leading-edge ADIGE LT 8.20 laser cutting machine, in the Fiber technology with a tiltable head which allows cutting at an angle of up to 45°.

A specific character of the laser cutting machine enables us - even in an automatic cycle - to cut materials of a length of up to 6,500 mm as well as to make ready-made parts with a length of up to 6,500 mm. This is a machine of top-level flexibility and efficiency. There are applied pioneering laser systems to scan the material under working in order to obtain the best cutting precision possible, which can ensure high accuracy for the position of the geometry under cutting and allow us to save not only smooth edges but also clean surfaces without any scratches and chips.

Advanced laser cutting technologies

laser cutting of sectionsDue to the pioneering technologies, like Active Piercing, Active Focus, Active Weld, or Active Scan used in our cutting machines, it is possible to start any cutting operation on materials of non-homogeneous thickness as well as to guarantee a compensation of errors occurring because of curvatures in materials. Corrections to the cutting operation are performed in real time so as to reach the tolerances required.

The installed Active Weld system will accurately recognize a seam in tubes and sections or shapes, and therefore, we can achieve a 100% repeatability of correct performance of cutting operations in relation to the position of a welding seam that occurs in materials under working.

The software versions in our possession, viz. CAM Artube, Asembler, or Part Viewer, as well as Protube Enterprise and Protube Express enable us to manage efficiently the purchase orders not only for big lot production but also for small, unique lots as well as to send production orders easily to the machinery connected the system, to prepare production lots, to assess lots together with the specification of the lead time, required materials, details to be made, target machinery, production costs as well as to supervise the entire process.

Due to the CNC module installed and accompanied with the driven tools, we are able to make tapped holes also in the Flowdrill technology, which is an option never met before.

Laser cutting of tubes, sections in the Pro Metal Form Company

The technology at our disposal enables laser cutting of materials whose geometry is as follows:

In our plant, we can perform cutting operations on tubes and sections made of the following materials:

Tube laser cutting is a technology which opens up completely new perspectives for companies, which allows shortening and simplifying a manufacturing process, as well as saving both time and money. We invite you to benefit from the services of tube and section cutting as offered by our Company.