About the company

Our company was established on the basis of long experience in the field of metal forming. The main activities of the company are welding services including MAG, TIG and MMA welding of steel and aluminium and their forming, as well as milling and CNC turning.

We produce the elements according to the technical documentation sent to us. We have high-quality technological resources, we make use of both proven solutions and the latest technological innovations.

Our services are used mainly by western companies producing medical and rehabilitative equipment.

Long experience in cooperation with many customers allows us to professionally support new recipients at every stage of the implementation of different projects.

The qualitative targets are achieved by perpetual upgrading of the machinery and improving the qualifications of our employees. We guarantee professional service, reliability and high-quality of the services.

In order to make our services able to meet expectations of even the most requiring customers, we purchased one of the most up-to-date robotised station in Poland.

We also offer CNC milling services. The process of milling is carried out with the use of the machines produced by German brand Chiron, High Speed series. The service of CNC turning is also provided with the use of CNC machine tools.

We use CNC benders, hydraulic, eccentric presses for metal forming.

For a comprehensive service, we also provide installation of the elements produced by us, and for this purpose we use more than 200000 of different fastener materials.

We process 75000 kilograms of steel and 3000 kilograms of aluminium materials every month. Our production-storage area is more than 5000 square metres.


Certified Welding CertificateCertified Welding CertificateCertified Welding Certificate
Attachment No. 1 to the welding certificateAttachment No. 1 to the welding certificateAttachment No. 1 to the welding certificate