The Dener bending brake works perfectly

The Dener bending brake works perfectly

Towards the end of last year we have purchased the new Dener Servobrake 4015 bending brake. We are happy that we have decided to purchase such a bending brake. Why? Because our brake is powered electrically by servomotors, decisively improving the brake s operating speed. In addition, our press has a unique type "0" frame. This type is characterised by the lack of interior columns, hence, the distance between the frame and columns is higher than the bending length.

In addition, the bending brake is equipped with an advanced CNC control unit, an added WILA work tool grip and a multi-axis bumper, the most important part of the brake. The brake does not require much force when bending the material – a fact we are very satisfied with. Thanks to our new press we are able to bend objects with a length of up to 1530 mm with a force of up to 40 tons. The bending parameters are as follows:

Our plant offers bending services both using bending brakes as well as hydraulic presses and eccentric presses. The cutting and embossing processes can work with the following materials:

Press cutting is mainly used to achieve specific shapes, mostly of sheet steel. Sheet steel is a material that is uniquely susceptible to all forms of cutting, shaping and embossing. Thanks to such machines as presses and brakes equipped with cutting forms, we achieve a cut component that is free of any irregularities and in line with customer orders.

We invite all interested partners from Poland and abroad to closely cooperate with our company. We guarantee short deadlines and very high quality of press cutting services.

Additional information on cooperation can be provided in person at the seat of our company in the locality of Strzelce Krajeńskie, address Cmentarna 4, as well as under the phone number 0048 95 762 08 61. You can reach us at the office Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 15:00.

We wish you successful cooperation with us.